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Why choose Elementrix to manage your hazardous waste?

We'll use our experience and expertise to make sure your waste is managed responsibly and reliably. 


We work with a number of waste outlets throughout the UK and Europe to ensure we always have multiple disposal routes available to us, minimising the risk of interruption to your production.

What we can offer

Our access to the whole market means we can provide multiple options for disposal and recovery and offer the most competitive prices. 

Using our large network we are able to route streams including: 

  • Waste solvents

  • Flammable and toxic liquid waste

  • Flammable and toxic solid waste

  • Sludges

  • Acids

  • Aqueous waste 

  • Lab smalls

  • Lab chemicals

  • Oily Rags 

  • WEEE waste

Looking for the best value outlets 

Depending on its composition, your waste could be recycled for re-use in a number of ways.


We will analyse your waste and because we're impartial, we will work with you to make sure its value is maximised, meaning we can offer competitive pricing. 

Whose waste we already manage

We manage hazardous waste for customers across a variety of sectors, including but not exclusive to:

  • Automotive

  • Aerospace 

  • Chemical manufacture

  • Healthcare

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Printing and Paints

  • Public services

  • Transport 

We'll find the best solution for your hazardous waste disposal requirements, whether it's in drums, IBCs or bulk. 

Allow us to use one of our trusted transport partners and save you the hassle. Or, if you have a preferred haulier please let us know. 

Our other services 

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